Developmental Neurotoxicology Society

2024 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Zana Percy

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Organophosphate Esters and Child IQ

2023 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Samantha L. Regan

University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI
A novel role for the ADHD risk gene latrophilin-3 in learning and memory in Lphn3 knockout rats

2022 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Matthew Valdez

ORISE, Oak Ridge, TN, USA. US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC
The Aspects of Lifestyle That Influence Ozone Induced Morbidities: Interactions of Non-Chemical and Chemical Stressors on Brain

2020 and 2021: No Awards

2019 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Katherine O'Shaughnessy

United Stated Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
Thyroid Hormone Disruption in the Fetal and Neonatal Rat: Predictive Hormone Measures and Bioindicators of Hormone Action in the Developing Cortex

2018 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Timothy Flanagan

National Center for Toxicological Research, US FDA, Jefferson, AR
Effects of Cyclophosphamide (CYP) and/or Doxorubicin (DOX) in a Murine Model of Post-Chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment

2017 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Jenna Sprowles

Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Perinatal antidepressant exposure influences spatial learning and memory, acoustic startle response, anxiety, and locomotor activity in adult Sprague-Dawley rats

2016 Richard Butcher New Investigators

Jennifer Walters

National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)/FDA
Single and repeated exposures to the volatile anesthetic isoflurane do not impair operant performance in aged rats

Kelsey Dzwilewski

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Associations of prenatal exposure to phthalates and bisphenol A with measures of cognitive function in 7.5-month-old infants

2015 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Marissa Sobolewski

University of Rochester
Enhanced Reproductive, Endocrine and Behavioral Deficits Induced by Maternal Exposure to a Mixture of Low Dose Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

2014 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Landhing Moran

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Time and Time Again: Temporal Processing Demands Implicate Perceptual and Gating Deficits in the HIV-1 Transgenic Rat

2013 Richard Butcher New Investiagor

Patricia Janulewicz

Boston University, Boston, MA
Early Postnatal Exposure to Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)-contaminated Drinking Water

2012 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Tori Schaefer

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Illicit and Prescription Drugs Targeting the Developing Serotonergic System Have Deleterious Effects on Cognition

2011 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Paul Eubig

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Impaired Attention in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Compared with Developmental Lead or PCB Exposure

2010 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Dominik K. Biezonski

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) on Serotonin Transporter and Vesicular Monoamine Transporter 2 Protein and Gene Expression in Rats: Implications for MDMA Neurotoxicity

2009 Richard Butcher New Investigator

Sherin Boctor

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR
Neonatal PCP is More Potent than Ketamine at Modifying Preweaning Behaviors of Sprague–Dawley Rats

2008 Richard Butcher New Investigator

David S. Sharlin

NIDDK, National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC
The Balance Between Oligodendrocyte and Astrocyte Production in Major White Matter Tracts is Linearly Related to Serum Total Thyroxine

2007 New Investigator Award

Brian E. Powers

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
Effects of developmental exposure to PCBs and methylmercury on the auditory system in rats.

2006 New Investigator Award

Annelyn Torres-Reveron

State University of New York Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
Prenatal cocaine dampens behavioral responses to methylphenidate in adolescent rats

2005 New Investigator Award

Lori L. Driscoll

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO
Early postnatal exposure to DE-71 produces lasting effects on learning in a visual discrimination task

2004 New Investigator Award

Jack Lipton

Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
Prenatal MDMA exposure increases axonal guidance cues, reduces monoamine metabolism, increases forebrain tyrosine hydroxylase fiber density and alters exploratory behaviors in rats